Impacting lives through design


MASS Design Group designs, builds, and advocates for better buildings, and empowers the people who build them.

D-Rev is a non-profit that designs, develops, and delivers products to people living on less than $4 a day.

The Rural Studio 20K House program challenges Auburn University architecture students to design affordable, energy-efficient homes.

KickStart designs irrigation tools that help African farmers start profitable businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

Build Change saves lives in developing countries by designing disaster-resistant buildings and teaching local residents how to construct them safely.

Proximity Design creates and delivers affordable products that help lift small-plot farmers out of poverty in rural Myanmar.

Catapult Design researches, designs, and develops human-centered products and services to improve the lives of those who need it most.

Italian design studio tamassociati focuses on sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, participatory processes, graphic design, and social communications.

The Hydrous is a nonprofit building innovative visualizations to communicate science beautifully.

billionBricks is a nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness through design and architecture.

Enterprise Community Partners brings together the capital, policy and solutions to create affordable housing in thriving communities.   

Public Lab is a nonprofit teaching inexpensive DIY techniques that let communities investigate and address environmental problems.   

Project H incorporates hands-on design/build skills into the public school curriculum for grades 6-12. 

Design That Matters is a nonprofit that designs, produces, and distributes products that save newborns from easily curable diseases like jaundice and pneumonia.

Health-PACT works to improve healthcare availability and quality in communities with limited resources.