Stories of impact

Stories of impact


“Design doesn’t end with the creation of a product. Design continues until that product scales for impact.”


When people in rural India lose limbs to accidents or disease, they often can only afford low-quality, unstable prosthetics. D-Rev designs a high-quality prosthetic knee that addresses both the safety issues and the stigma associated with amputation.

Role of design

D-Rev worked with the Jaipur Foot Clinic, which provides free limbs and crutches to people with disabilities, to gather extensive feedback from those in need of prosthetics. Digital prototyping, durability testing, and analysis ensures that the resulting ReMotion prosthetic knee is functional, high-quality, and affordable.


The ReMotion knee joint provides a 165-degree range of motion to enable kneeling, squatting, and biking. Durable, lightweight, and water-resistant, it works with all standard prosthetic leg systems, and retails for only $80.


The Jaipur Foot Clinic has fitted more than 5,100 ReMotion knees through a no-cost license, helping thousands of Indians walk with greater confidence, safety, and less stigma. D-Rev also partners with top-tier prosthetic providers worldwide with established distribution channels and local expertise to expand access to version 3 of the ReMotion knee.

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D-Rev is a nonprofit product development company that identifies, designs, and delivers high-impact products to increase income or improve the health of people living on less than $4 per day.

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