Stories of impact

Stories of impact


“Design doesn’t end with the creation of a product. Design continues until that product scales for impact.”


The D-Rev ReMotion prosthetic knee was designed to help amputees in rural India who had lost limbs due to accidents or diseases. Previously, the only affordable prosthetics were low-quality and unstable, and made them feel stigmatized. D-Rev believed it was possible to design a high-quality knee that was also affordable.

Role of design

Working with India’s Jaipur Foot Clinic—an organization that provides free limbs and crutches to the disabled—D-Rev designed the ReMotion knee with extensive input from users. In the design process, they were able to do digital prototyping, durability testing, and analysis, to ensure that the goals of functionality, quality, and affordability were all met.


The ReMotion knee has a 165-degree range of motion and more than 5,000 have been fitted through a no-cost license with the Jaipur Foot Clinic. Version 3.0 of the ReMotion Knee will be available to the public in late-2014—to help more patients feel comfortable and confident in their daily lives.

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Amputees in developing nations lack affordable prosthetics


Design a high-quality, low-cost prosthetic knee


More than 5,122 knees were fitted at a retail cost of $80 per knee