Stories of impact

Stories of impact

Kickstart International

“Impact design is at the heart of KickStart’s work. We constantly look to develop new innovations that respond to the evolving needs of farmers in Africa to help them lift themselves out of poverty.”


KickStart’s vision of success is to take millions of people out of poverty sustainably and permanently. They see the entrepreneurial drive in the world’s poorest people and harness this untapped potential for massive change. An estimated 40 million smallholder farmers have access to sufficient renewable water sources to adopt KickStart’s technologies on their farms and turn them into profitable businesses that generate food and income year-round. 

Role of design

KickStart develops and analyzes multiple designs before each model in their MoneyMaker brand line of irrigation pumps is produced and also conducts extensive field and market testing. They are constantly pioneering new technologies and enhancing current ones to ensure that even more farmers across sub-Saharan Africa can access irrigation products in their local markets and move from subsistence to commercial farming.


KickStart is changing the way the world fights hunger and poverty by designing and sustainably distributing low-cost irrigation pumps to poor farmers across Africa. By no longer relying solely on the rains to grow their crops—and instead making their own rain—farmers significantly increase their crop production, increase their farm size, adequately feed their family, often for the first time, and start profitable businesses selling surplus crops. 


MoneyMaker pumps have launched more than 200,000 successful new businesses and lifted more than 1,000,000 people out of poverty. Families like Herbert and Vivian Masopo, seen here. 

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KickStart International designs, promotes and markets low-cost irrigation pumps for smallholder farmers in Africa. By adopting irrigation, farmers are empowered to end their dependence on unreliable rainfall, grow more crops, start highly profitable businesses, secure their food needs and livelihoods and take a major step out of poverty.

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