Stories of impact

Stories of impact

Kickstart International

“Impact design is at the heart of KickStart’s work. We constantly look to develop new innovations that respond to the needs of poor farmers in Africa.”


Lack of water makes it hard for small farmers in Africa to grow enough to support their families. KickStart saw the opportunity to get millions out of poverty by developing a line of manually-operated irrigation pumps that would help farmers pull water from rivers, ponds, or shallow wells, and irrigate up to 2 acres of land.

Role of design

KickStart is able to carry out the modeling and analysis of new designs more efficiently and test multiple approaches before committing to one. Fully leveraging the power of design, KickStart has been able to develop new technologies and enhance current technologies quickly to transform the lives of thousands of people across sub-Saharan Africa.


MoneyMaker pumps are portable, durable, and affordable, retailing for $70 to $150. Because they’re pressurized, they allow farmers to direct water where it’s needed, improving water efficiency.

These pumps have helped get over 770,000 people out of poverty, including farmers like Aqwalina Merengue of Tanzania, shown here. The pump enabled her to grow crops year round, even in the long, dry ‘hungry season,’ so that she could support herself and afford to send her young son Dennis to private school.

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