Stories of impact

Stories of impact

Kickstart International

“Impact design is at the heart of KickStart’s work. We constantly look to develop new innovations that respond to the needs of poor farmers in Africa.”


Lack of water makes it hard for small farmers in Africa to grow enough to support their families. KickStart helps millions thrive by developing a line of manually-operated irrigation pumps that let farmers irrigate up to 2 acres of land by pulling water from rivers, ponds, or shallow wells. 

Role of design

KickStart modeled, analyzed, and tested multiple pump designs before committing to the production of the MoneyMaker pump. They developed new technologies and enhance current technologies to help farmers across sub-Saharan Africa move from subsistence to commercial farming.


KickStart develops a line of portable, durable, afforable MoneyMaker pumps that retail for $70 to $150. Because they're pressurized, they allow farmers to direct water where it's needed, improving water efficiency and increasing a farming family's income more than fivefold; from $150 to $850 annually.


MoneyMaker pumps have launched more than 150,000 successful new businesses and lifted more than 800,000 people out of poverty. One of them is Aqwalina Merengue of Tanzania, shown here. By enabling her to grow crops year round, even in the long, dry "hungry season," the pump allows Merengue to support herself and send her young son Dennis to private school. 

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KickStart International designs, promotes, and markets simple tools for small-holder farmers in Africa. By using these tools to start highly profitable family enterprises, farmers can sustainably lift their families out of poverty.

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