Stories of impact

Stories of impact


“We constantly ask, how can the choices we make have the greatest impact on the communities we serve?”


In the East African country of Malawi, many women die in labor because they are too far away from health services. MASS Design Group wants to create short-term housing near health clinics where expectant mothers can spend their final days of pregnancy in beautiful, functional surroundings.

Role of design

MASS Design created and tested multiple design solutions to find the best combination of beauty, comfort, and function. The resulting structures can each accomomodate 24 to 32 beds. The bedrooms, communal gathering areas, kitchens, and bathrooms all comply with government standards while taking advantage of natural light, the natural beauty of the site and structure, and solar panels and windows that regulate cooling and heating for sustainability.


The beautifully designed maternal waiting homes are soon to be constructed, and maternal mortality rates are expected to significantly drop as a result. The Ministry of Health in Malawi has plans to build more waiting homes, and has called for new sites to be considered.


Housing near health clinics and trained health personnel will help ensure the safety and comfort of pregnant woment in their final weeks of pregnancy and delivery. Maternal mortality rates in Malawi are expected to drop significantly as a result.

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MASS Design Group provides infrastructure, buildings, and human and physical systems that support growth, dignity, and well-being. Its projects on three continents link architecture, research, policy, education, and strategic planning to improve people's lives.

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