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We believe in the power of technology to transform society in positive ways.

“By taking a risk-tolerant approach to philanthropy and impact investing we can scale impact—beyond what traditional grantmaking can do.”

—Joe Speicher, Executive Director, Autodesk Foundation

Since 2014, Autodesk Foundation has placed $20 million in 60 organizations around the world and provided $160 million in donated software and in-kind support.

We drive impact in 4 ways

Our journey to impact

Made first grant
Provided in-kind support beyond grants​
Began funding low-carbon solutions​​
Made first impact investment
Made first future of work grant
Published impact briefs​​
COVID-19 response​​

Reflecting on what we’ve learned

We believe it’s important to increase transparency in philanthropy. So we are sharing our unique experience. What’s worked, what hasn’t, and how we adapted.

Our hope is that by sharing our key insights with the world, we can help illuminate the path for others.