Work & Prosperity

Preparing workers to thrive in the era of automation

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The opportunity for the future of work

Learners and workers are increasingly expected to possess in-demand skills and experience to meet the talent needs of employers while securing stable, rewarding careers. Our Work & Prosperity portfolio of early-stage startups, nonprofits, accelerators, and funds is building a skilled and resilient workforce that meets the changing needs of the construction and manufacturing industries in the era of automation. Our Theory of Change illustrates how our investments generate measurable outcomes for a more inclusive future for all.

Investment focus

We invest in opportunities where Autodesk’s construction and manufacturing expertise can accelerate growth. Our impact investments help workers thrive while delivering more value to their employers.

Foresight & mindset

Forecast workforce challenges posed by automation and help workers foster a growth mindset.


Skills & learning

Ensure that skills of the future are attainable, stackable, accredited, and transferable.


Quality & dignity

Encourage worker-centric cultures that normalize benefits and economic advancement.


Access & inclusion

Support inclusive access to learning and career pathways.


A woman wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans standing in a computer lab, leaning forward to work on a laptop. Two other people appear in the blurred background, surrounded by more computers and other tech equipment.

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Our portfolio

Our Work & Prosperity portfolio focuses primarily on organizations in the United States with an eye toward expansion in key overseas markets. We invest in organizations that upskill and reskill learners, support career advancement, and improve employer policies and practices. Beyond capital, our portfolio has access to Autodesk resources through in-kind support, including technology, training, pro bono consulting, storytelling, and networks.

Portfolio impact

Through our impact measurement and management practice, we evaluate the impact of our Work & Prosperity portfolio based on outcomes related to skills acquisition and inclusive access to quality jobs.

In 2023, the Work & Prosperity portfolio achieved the following:*


individuals obtained new or improved jobs (annual) 


individuals trained (annual) 

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* These data are self reported by organizations that were a part of the Autodesk Foundation portfolio during the year noted.


Read the FY24 Autodesk Foundation Impact Report for more details.

Impact in action

Learn how our Work & Prosperity portfolio prepares today's workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

A woman (left) and man (right) posing for a photo outside in a park on a sunny day. A large tree trunk and green canopy are visible in the background, along with a lamp post, sidewalk, and parked car to the left of the woman, and a bystander wearing a red shirt and jeans in the distance to the right of the man. The woman is wearing glasses and a name tag, looking at the camera, and the man is wearing a beige brimmed hat and sunglasses; both are wearing matching blue t-shirts that read "We build Texas" in the center of each.


Families, workers, and the definition of a good job

The Families & Workers Fund is creating more inclusive and sustainable opportunities for hundreds of thousands of workers and families across the US. 


Image courtesy of Arlene Mejorado, The Families & Workers Fund

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Upskilling workers for the green economy

Generation supports adults in achieving economic mobility through employment in technology, healthcare, customer service, and skilled trades.


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Eye-level view of ChargerHelp! worker standing in front of an EVgo Fast Charging station outside on a sunny day. The worker, a man, has his back to the camera, wearing a ChargerHelp! branded high-viz yellow vest, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots; he's holding a tablet vertically with both hands, facing it towards the charging station as though taking a picture of it.


An electrified future, powered by worker diversity

ChargerHelp! is solving the problem of downed EV charging stations, providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from trained local workforces.


Image courtesy of ChargerHelp!

The change we’re accelerating

Learn more about our Theory of Change and how our investments secure a prosperous, inclusive future for all.

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