The Autodesk Foundation team


Joe Speiche portrait

Joe Speicher


Christine Stoner portrait

Christine Stoner

Executive Director

Jean Shia portrait

Jean Shia

Managing Director, Impact Investment and Management


Chelsea Bruno portrait

Chelsea Bruno

Partner Success Manager

Bobbie Casey portrait

Bobbie Casey

Partner Success Manager

Beth Foster portrait

Beth Foster

Portfolio and Investment Manager

Danielle Gagnon portrait

Danielle Gagnon

Technology Impact Program Manager

 Ishita Jain portrait

Ishita Jain

Impact Insights and Analysis Manager

Ann Koh portrait

Ann Koh

Customer Experience and Data Integrity Representative

Ryan Macpherson portrait

Ryan Macpherson

Climate Innovation and Investment Lead

Kate McElligott portrait

Kate McElligott

Future of Work Practice Lead

Regina Mugwe portrait

Regina Mugwe

Customer Service Representative

Alli O’Connell portrait

Alli O‘Connell

Head of Marketing and Communications

Kentra Ott portrait

Kendra Ott

Autodesk Impact Programs Lead

Charmaine Wasunna portrait

Charmaine Wasunna

Partner Success and Program Coordinator, EMEA and APAC


Debbie Clifford portrait

Debbie Clifford

Chief Financial Officer, Autodesk, Inc.
Board Chair of the Autodesk Foundation

Roland Zelles portrait

Roland Zelles

Chief Revenue Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

Steve Blum portrait

Steve Blum

Chief Operating Officer, Autodesk, Inc.
Board Treasurer of the Autodesk Foundation

Andrew Anagnost portrait

Andrew Anagnost

President and CEO, Autodesk, Inc.

Amy Bunszel portrait

Amy Bunszel

Senior Vice President, Design and Creation Products, Autodesk, Inc.

Pascal Di Fronzo portrait

Pascal Di Fronzo

Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Autodesk, Inc.

Pascal Di Fronzo portrait

Ruth Ann Keane

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Autodesk, Inc.

Amy Bunszel portrait

Rebecca Pearce

Chief People Officer, Autodesk, Inc.