The Autodesk Foundation team

Our team works across five continents supporting the portfolio with grants, impact investments, Autodesk software, and in-kind support.


Joe Speicher


🌐 California, United States

Christine Stoner

Executive Director

🌐 Ontario, Canada

Jean Shia

Managing Director

🌐 California, United States


Liz Baird

Employee Impact Project Lead

🌐 California, United States

Ky Begley

Employee Impact Project Lead

🌐 California, United States

Chelsea Bruno

Head of Customer Engagement

🌐 Colorado, United States

Kate Buchanan

Workforce Innovation & Investment Lead

🌐 Minnesota, United States

Bobbie Casey

Partner Success Manager

🌐 California, United States

Beth Foster-Chao

Investment Lead, Climate Adaptation & Resilience

🌐 New York, United States

Danielle Gagnon

Partner Success Manager, Work & Prosperity

🌐 Vermont, United States

Kevin Iraheta Sousa

Portfolio Associate

🌐 New Jersey, United States

Ishita Jain

Impact Insights & Analysis Manager

🌐 Texas, United States

Ann Koh

Data Analyst

🌐 Fusionopolis, Singapore

Alli O’Connell Dooley

Head of Marketing & Communications

🌐 Virginia, United States

Kendra Ott

Autodesk Impact Programs Lead

🌐 Colorado, United States

Damiana Pacheco

AEC Technology Success Lead

🌐 Barcelona, Spain


Debbie Clifford

Chief Strategy Officer, Autodesk, Inc.
Board Chair, Autodesk Foundation

🌐 California, United States

Steve Blum

Chief Operating Officer, Autodesk, Inc.
Board Treasurer, Autodesk Foundation

🌐 Texas, United States

Ruth Ann Keene

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Autodesk, Inc.
Board Secretary, Autodesk Foundation

🌐 California, United States

Andrew Anagnost

President and CEO, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 California, United States

Trenton Arthur

Vice President, Product Management, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 California, United States

Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg

Founder & Executive Director, Black Women in Executive Leadership (B-WEL)

🌐 Nairobi, Kenya

Haresh Khoobchandani

Vice President, Sales, APAC, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 Fusionopolis, Singapore

Rebecca Pearce

Chief People Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 Cornwall, United Kingdom

Dara Treseder

Chief Marketing Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 New Jersey, United States

Roland Zelles

Chief Revenue Officer, Autodesk, Inc.

🌐 Munich, Germany

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