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We fund nonprofits and startups all over the world to accelerate design and engineering solutions focused on energy and materials, health and resilience, and work and prosperity.

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Energy & Materials

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating the transition to a decarbonized economy.

  • Ampaire logo


    Ampaire innovates at the intersection of the electric vehicle and aerospace industries by developing trusted, practical, and compelling electric aircrafts from short-haul cargo to supersonic passenger transport.

  • Ampaire logo

    Avalanche Energy

    Avalanche Energy is pursuing an unprecedented approach to nuclear fusion through micro-reactors that enable rapid design, build, test cycles, and modular clean energy production to decarbonize the planet.

  • Balloon Tech Co.

    Balloon Tech Co., a Good Machine company, is a high-altitude balloon platform that captures earth observation data to serve as an early warning system for various public good and public interest purposes, particularly wildfire detection.

  • BamCore logo


    BamCore is a next-generation building technology company that manufactures bamboo-based structural building components that speed construction and shrink a building’s carbon footprint.

  • Vartega logo

    Climate Robotics

    Climate Robotics is a venture-backed startup building heavy equipment to improve agricultural soils and fight climate change.

  • Closed Loop Ventures logo

    Closed Loop Ventures

    Closed Loop Ventures invests in early-stage companies that support and catalyze the circular economy, including sustainable consumer good companies, advanced recycling technologies, and B2B services.

  • Gradient logo


    Gradient Comfort is rethinking HVAC. Gradient builds products that are good for the planet and great at keeping your home comfortable, starting with a replacement for the window AC.

  • Heirloom logo


    Heirloom is removing 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2035, using natural processes to engineer the world's most cost-effective Direct Air Capture Solution.

  • Obantarla logo

    M2X Energy

    M2X Energy’s modular waste gas-to-liquid technology captures and converts methane from oil and gas operations into low-carbon chemicals that can be sold.

  • Nth Cycle

    Nth Cycle is a metals processing technology company that works with battery recyclers and miners.

  • PRIME Coalition logo

    Prime Coalition

    Prime Coalition empowers philanthropists to place charitable capital into the market-based solutions to climate change.

  • Prometheus Materials logo

    Prometheus Materials

    Prometheus Materials uses algae, sunlight, water, and sand to produce a bio-cement alternative to traditional cement and concrete that eliminates CO2 emissions.

  • Rebound Technologies logo

    Rebound Technologies

    Rebound manufacturers IcePoint®, the most flexible, efficient, and economically optimized cooling equipment.

  • Sangam Ventures logo

    Sangam Ventures

    Sangam Ventures seeks to mitigate climate change by providing early-stage capital and technical assistance to startups that help consumers and producers make more sustainable choices.

  • Vartega logo


    Vartega is a recycling technology company connecting carbon fiber waste to a demand for low-cost, recycled carbon fiber.

  • Vartega logo


    Vesta is developing an ocean-based climate solution—"Coastal Carbon Capture"—to permanently sequester and store CO2 at gigaton scale while lowering ocean acidity.

Health & Resilience

Improving resilience in low resource communities most vulnerable to climate change.

  • Acumen logo


    Acumen is a global community changing the way the world tackles poverty.

  • Amped Innovation logo

    Amped Innovation

    Amped Innovation powers the next 1 billion energy users with clean off-grid products and appliances that perform better than the grid.

  • Bridges to Prosperity logo

    Bridges to Prosperity

    Bridges to Prosperity works with local communities, partners, and foundations to build footbridges that connect residents to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

  • Build Change logo

    Build Change

    Build Change teaches the basics of disaster-resistant design and construction to residents and officials in high-risk areas.

  • Build Health International logo

    Build Health International

    Build Health International designs, builds, and equips high-quality sustainable healthcare facilities in impoverished regions of the world.

  • BuildX Studio logo

    BuildX Studio

    BuildX Studio creates high quality, affordable, and healthy buildings, which use local materials and promote opportunities for women.

  • EarthEnable logo


    EarthEnable trains masons and sales reps to sell and install high-quality earthen floors that are composed of natural materials (gravel, clay, sand, and laterite).

  • Factor[e] Ventures logo

    Factor[e] Ventures

    Factor[e]'s mission is to improve lives in the developing world through increased access to sustainable energy and related services.

  • Hometeam Ventures logo

    Hometeam Ventures

    Hometeam Ventures invests in and scales startups that improve the construction life cycle, resulting in more adequate housing globally.

  • Kheyti logo


    Kheyti designs low-cost farming solutions and provides end-to-end support to small-farmers, giving them a seamless path to increasing climate-resilient incomes.

  • Kickstart logo


    KickStart designs irrigation tools that help African farmers start profitable businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.

  • MASS Design Group logo

    MASS Design Group

    MASS Design Group designs, builds, and advocates for buildings that bring health, dignity, and growth.

  • Morenson Center in Global Engineering, University of Colorado logo

    Mortenson Center in Global Engineering, University of Colorado

    The center advocates for development solutions by educating engineering students and professionals, promoting research, and building local capacity and resiliency in developing communities.

  • myAgro logo


    myAgro enables smallholder farmers to use their mobile phones to save, little by little, for high-quality inputs such as seeds and fertilizer, and agricultural training.

  • Nexleaf Analytics logo

    Nexleaf Analytics

    Nexleaf's mission is to partner with countries to ensure they have the data they need to build lasting solutions that improve the health of people.

  • Okra Solar

    Okra Solar is a technology solution that enables solar generating communities to share and utilize more energy.

  • Proximity Designs logo

    Proximity Designs

    Proximity Designs creates and distributes affordable products and services that enrich the lives of rural families in Myanmar.

  • Sanergy logo


    Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by bringing clean, affordable sanitation to Kenya's informal settlements.

  • Simprints logo


    Simprints has built a biometric fingerprint identification solution to help development organizations solve their identification challenges.

  • Splash logo


    Splash works to provide clean water for orphanages, schools, hospitals, and shelters in the developing world.

  • Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter logo

    Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter

    Habitat’s Terwilliger Center’s ShelterTech advances entrepreneurial housing solutions that radically improve the lives of low-income families.

Work & Prosperity

Preparing workers to thrive in the era of automation through equity-driven, human-centered solutions.

  • Coalfield Development

    Coalfield Development is rebuilding the Appalachian economy from the ground up by unlocking people’s creative power to transform perceived problems into opportunities in their communities.

  • Education Design Lab

    Education Design Lab is a nonprofit innovation engine that co-designs, validates, and scales education-to-workforce models through a human-centered design process.


    FAME USA creates an employer-driven training system that utilizes a collaborative approach to meet local skills needs in a specific and mission-critical occupation.

  • FreeWorld logo


    FreeWorld is a tech enabled nonprofit that aims to accelerate economic mobility for returning citizens so they can live fulfilling lives, prison-free.

  • Hope Street Group logo

    Hope Street Group

    Hope Street Group is connecting and extending networks of employers, educators, governments and the public that will train, educate, and hire all individuals, strengthening economic opportunity for every American.

  • ISAIC logo


    ISAIC is providing training, development, and support by combining traditional skills with those for emerging technologies in order to fuel a people-empowered model for industry.

  • Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC)

    JARC promotes strong communities, businesses, and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty.

  • JFFLabs logo


    JFFLabs partners with visionary entrepreneurs, F500 companies, and investors to foster innovative solutions that create positive change in education and workforce systems.

  • Merit America logo

    Merit America

    Merit America is a nonprofit that prepares hardworking and diverse adults for STEM careers through technical training and soft-skills development.

  • Pallet

    Pallet is a social purpose company on a mission to build equal opportunity access to housing and employment. For those facing a personal or natural disaster, Pallet shelters are a steppingstone out of crisis and into a life of stability.

  • R3 Score Technologies, Inc. logo

    R3 Score Technologies, Inc.

    R3 Score Technologies, Inc. modernizes legacy risk models so that businesses and governments can tap into overlooked talent and customers.

  • Revolution Workshop

    Revolution Workshop builds skills, hope, and resilience in Chicago's underserved communities through construction job training and job creation.

  • Stacks+Joules logo


    Stacks+Joules is a nonprofit workforce development program, training overlooked populations for jobs in building automation.

  • The Industrial Commons logo

    The Industrial Commons

    The Industrial Commons founds and scales employee-owned social enterprises and industrial cooperatives, and supports frontline workers to build a new southern working class that erases the inequities of generational poverty and builds an economy and future for all.

  • Village Capital logo

    Village Capital

    Village Capital supports early-stage entrepreneurs developing critical agriculture, education, energy, financial services, and healthy solutions for underserved populations worldwide.

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