Slowing climate warming with carbon dioxide removal

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Heirloom’s mission

Heirloom aims to remove one billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2035 through natural processes. Its system of capturing, processing, and storing CO2 is the world's most cost-effective direct air capture solution. Once Heirloom captures CO2, they compress it and pump it underground into geological reservoirs where it’s safely and permanently stored.

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Autodesk collaboration

The Autodesk Foundation is excited to offer Autodesk resources to advance the design, build, and commercialization of Heirloom’s technology. Together we aim to achieve Heirloom’s mission of removing one gigaton of CO2 by 2035.

Image courtesy of Heirloom

  • Our investment in Heirloom

    Low cost, scalable direct air capture to remove 1 billion tons of CO2 by 2035.

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  • Using AutoCAD for climate change solutions

    Heirloom is innovating a new approach to fighting climate change with direct air capture via carbon mineralization.

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    Image courtesy of Heirloom

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