Slowing climate warming with carbon dioxide removal

Image courtesy of Heirloom

Image courtesy of Heirloom

Heirloom’s mission

Heirloom aims to remove one billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2035 through natural processes. Its system of capturing, processing, and storing CO2 is the world’s most cost-effective direct air capture solution. Once it captures the CO2, Heirloom compresses and pumps it underground into geological reservoirs for safe and permanent storage.

Impact in action

Two Heirloom engineers wearing hardhats, facing away from the camera, standing in front of Heirloom's direct air capture unit — two tall black square columns surrounded by metal scaffolding and caging around the base of the technology. Bright, sunny day.

Design & Make

Safely removing atmospheric CO2 emissions

Heirloom’s DAC technology accelerates limestone’s natural ability to sequester CO2, enabling its safe and permanent storage in materials like concrete.


Image courtesy of Heirloom

Headshot image of Maryam Nassir, Controls Engineer, Heirloom, standing on a beach, smiling, wearing sunglasses on her head.

Digital Engineering 24/7

“Our technology rapidly accelerates the natural processes that enable limestone to absorb CO2 from the air from a timespan of years to days.”

— Maryam Nassir, Controls Engineer, Heirloom


Image courtesy of Heirloom

Front-side view of large, white tank with Heirloom logo on the side. Sunlight shining in from the right side of the photo.


Fighting climate change with AutoCAD

Using AutoCAD and other Autodesk software, Heirloom is designing DAC via carbon mineralization devices that can withstand natural forces while achieving durability and cost goals for scale.


Image courtesy of Heirloom

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