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Helping formerly incarcerated people secure gainful employment

Image courtesy of FreeWorld

Jason Wang, FreeWorld CEO and Founder, holds a metal rod while working on a truck engine, smiling. A FreeWorld trainee stands to his right, wearing sunglasses, a black t-shirt and grey hoodie, also smiling.

Image courtesy of FreeWorld

FreeWorld’s mission

FreeWorld is a San Jose, CA-based nonprofit that helps people recently released from prison to secure employment. Specifically, FreeWorld helps formerly incarcerated individuals secure stable, well-paying careers, starting in the trucking industry. FreeWorld’s tech-enabled, end-to-end training solution reduces barriers to employment. FreeWorld’s three stages of support include stabilizing, training, and growing resilience.

Meet Jason Wang

“Truth of the matter is they’re human beings that want the same thing that every human wants—safety, security, food, shelter, community.”

— Jason Wang, CEO and Founder, FreeWorld

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