Helping formerly incarcerated people secure gainful employment

Image courtesy of FreeWorld

FreeWorld’s mission

FreeWorld is a San Jose, CA-based nonprofit that helps people that are recently released from prison to secure employment. Specifically, they help them secure stable, well-paying careers, starting in the trucking industry. FreeWorld’s tech-enabled, end-to-end training solution reduces barriers to employment. There are three stages of support which include stabilizing, training, and growing resilience.

Image courtesy of FreeWorld

Ending generational poverty and recidivism

In two years FreeWorld has proven it can deliver life-transforming careers in the trucking industry to over 100 learners. They aim to reach 1,000 learners by the end of 2023.

The Autodesk grant funding they received in 2021 will help FreeWorld validate its model, build a strong foundation to support returning citizens, and end mass recidivism. FreeWorld has used Autodesk pro bono consulting to explore immersive educational content for its driver-training technology.

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