Building pathways to resilience

Image courtesy of EarthEnable

Four EarthEnable employees smiling and laughing, wearing orange and white EarthEnable t-shirts, standing on a porch of an EarthEnable project site on a sunny day. Foliage and a driveway in the background.

Image courtesy of EarthEnable

EarthEnable’s mission

EarthEnable creates healthier homes with custom, earthen floors for families across rural Rwanda and Uganda. EarthEnable eliminates unsanitary dirt floors and provides affordable, sanitary flooring that can be washed, cleaned, and used to build healthy home environments for millions of people.

Mitigating poor ventilation

With the help of Engineering for Change Fellow Simeon Bunani, EarthEnable designed a prototype house with a catalog of design details that can mitigate overheating, dampness, and poor ventilation.

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