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Generation: You Employed

Upskilling workers for the green economy

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Close-up candid/action shot of a young man wearing a blue blazer, glasses, button-down shirt and a striped blue tie, holding a microphone in his right hand and his left hand in front of him, fingers curled as if grabbing something, presenting at a Generation workshop or event.

Image courtesy of Generation

Generation’s mission

Generation: You Employed (Generation) is a global nonprofit supporting adults in achieving economic mobility through employment in key industries such as technology, healthcare, customer service, skilled trades, and green jobs. Its employment programs are holistic and consistent across markets, developed in close collaboration with employers to ensure programmatic alignment with in-demand technical, behavioral, and mindset skills. Generation is developing a set of green skills curricula to train learners for jobs in the built environment, focusing on key roles such as retrofit advisors, solar panel installers, and heat pump installers.

Autodesk Foundation’s investment in Generation

Headshot of Generation Founding Global CEO Mona Mourshed.

“The green transition will not only transform our environment, it will fundamentally shift the world of work. There is an opportunity to ensure that new jobs created by the green economy are filled by a skilled, diverse workforce that includes all communities in this transformation.”

– Mona Mourshed, Founding Global CEO, Generation

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