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Found Energy

Bringing clean energy to Earth’s most difficult-to-decarbonize industries

Image courtesy of Found Energy

Mechanical Engineers Jessie Lowe and Luis Carbajal perfect a part for Found's first aluminum-water reactor at the Found Energy Shop in Boston. Jesse (left) is wearing a sweater and over-ear protection and safety glasses, holding a yellow and black drill with both hands, drilling into a part held by a blue vice grip. Luis (right), wearing in-ear protection and safety glasses, looks on and uses his left hand to hold one of the pieces in place as Jessie drills. Fluorescent-lit room with a workbench and white walls.

Image courtesy of Found Energy

Found Energy’s mission

Found Energy is addressing the climate crisis by providing an economical, safe, and ethical alternative to fossil fuels. With its novel aluminum-based energy carriers, Found Energy is bringing clean energy to the most difficult-to-decarbonize industries on Earth, including industrial heating (20% of global CO2 emissions), maritime shipping (3% of global CO2 emissions), and more.

Headshot of Peter Godart

“With the Autodesk Foundation’s support, we are accelerating the scale-up and deployment of our breakthrough low-carbon aluminum fuel technology to the industries and geographic regions that need it the most.”

— Peter Godart, Co-Founder & CEO, Found Energy

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