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BluLever Education

Closing South Africa’s skilled workforce gap

Image courtesy of BluLever Education

A group of five BluLever Education apprentices posing for a photo, wearing matching grey canvas uniforms, face coverings, and blue work gloves. The four individuals on the right are giving double thumbs-ups and wearing hats (one bucket, three baseball). The group is standing in BluLever's training facility, with brick and concrete walls in the background, and a large white paper easel with the words "Our Norms" visible.

Image courtesy of BluLever Education

BluLever Education’s mission

BluLever Education (BluLever) is a South African startup addressing the country’s skilled labor shortage by creating industry-aligned training and career pathways to bridge the gap between workers and employer demand. BluLever offers skills-based apprenticeships and business programs for anyone interested in plumbing and electrical careers, equipping artisan entrepreneurs and businesses with in-demand skills to secure jobs and open doors to economic opportunity.

Autodesk Foundation’s investment in BluLever Education

Headshot of Jess Roussos, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, BluLever Education

“Ensuring that artisan education evolves to equip artisans with skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will critically impact the future of how engineering solutions are implemented and maintained.”

– Jess Roussos, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, BluLever Education

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