Rapid shelter solutions to address homelessness

Image courtesy of Pallet

Inside of a Pallet Shelter home with an individual’s personal items

Pallet's mission

Pallet is the leader in rapid response shelter villages. The Washington-based company is addressing the homeless crisis with speed and at scale. Pallet shelters combine temporary housing solutions with 24/7 case management from a local service provider. Pallet's communities are unique and offer shelter where partners can stay together, pets are welcome, and there’s space for personal possessions.

Image courtesy of Pallet

Pallet in action

  • M2 Technologies

    Autodesk technology for temportary shelters

    Pallet and training partner M2 Technologies are leveraging digital manufacturing solutions to create temporary shelters.

    Image courtesy of Pallet

  • Autodesk university

    Building a fair-chance employment culture

    Pallet CEO, Amy King, speaks on how creating career opportunities for marginalized workers can help build a more equitable society.

  • Redshift

    Addressing homelessness holistically

    Pallet tackles the complexity of homelessness from multiple angles, providing temporary shelters, social services, and workforce development opportunities.

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