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MCJ Collective

Unleashing climate innovation

Image courtesy of MCJ Collective

Three individuals sitting in chairs at a NYC Climate Week 2023 event with MCJ Collective on October 4, 2023. Cody Simms, an MCJ Collective Partner, sits in the foreground, in focus, wearing a denim jacket and speaking into a microphone, gesturing with his hands; to his left sit Sophie Purdom of Planeteer and Kim Zou of CTVC. The individuals are sitting in a book-lined event space with natural and artificial light.

Image courtesy of MCJ Collective

MCJ Collective’s mission

MCJ Collective is a venture capital firm that invests in startups enabling global resilience in the era of climate change. The firm manages $115 million in assets across two funds and has backed more than 80 startups to date. MCJ Collective engages tens of thousands of subscribers through its monthly podcast and newsletter and connects more than 4,000 professionals through its online member network.

Headshot of David Aronoff, Partner & Chairman, MCJ Collective

“The Autodesk Foundation is completely mission-aligned with our approach to accelerating solutions to climate change. We look forward to partnering as we grow our portfolio and seek new ways to help fix the planet.”

— David Aronoff, Chairman & Managing Partner, MCJ Collective

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