M2X Energy

Converting flared methane into value

Image courtesy of M2X Energy

The M2X Energy team standing in warehouse facility, posing for a group photo in front of an M2X methane-to-methanol conversion unit, a large truck-sized contraption that looks like a large energy generator. From left to right: From left to right: Anthony Dean, PhD, COO; Josh Browne, PhD, CTO; Massimiliano Pieri, CEO; Diana Alcala, VP Business Development; Kyle Merical, Principal Engineer; Paul Yelvington, PhD, Chief Science Officer; Andrew Randolph, PhD, VP Engineering.

Image courtesy of M2X Energy

M2X Energy’s mission

M2X Energy is reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by capturing flared methane from oil and gas operations to create sustainable, fungible, economically viable chemicals such as methanol, which can be used to produce engineered lumber, synthetic fibers, and low-carbon fuel and plastics.

M2X Energy battles harmful emissions by converting waste methane into goods

M2X Energy’s mobile and modular conversion units capture flared methane gas to produce methanol while reducing harmful emissions from existing oil and gas operations.

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