Amped Innovation

Creating solar-powered technology for the last mile

Image courtesy of Jjumba Martin, Amped Innovation

Amped Innovation representative wearing Amped-branded grey t-shirt explains benefits of solar generator to two men standing on either side of him. Man to his right is holding the Amped generator, wearing high-viz yellow vest and orange hoodie; man to his left is wearing a two-toned grey hoodie, looking at the generator while listening.

Image courtesy of Jjumba Martin, Amped Innovation

Amped Innovation’s mission

Amped Innovation (Amped) designs and makes high-performing products for off-grid communities that often lack the infrastructure for wired appliances like kitchen equipment, fans, or reliable lighting. Amped produces an innovative solar controller that delivers five times as much power with only a quarter of the components.

Impact in action

Redefining off-grid refrigeration

Using Fusion 360, Amped Innovation developed an affordable, solar-powered, off-grid solution to refrigeration and freezing in rural Africa: the EasyFreeze100.

Decarbonizing Nigeria’s energy grid

Alex Inoma, a 2022 Engineering for Change Fellow, supported the go-to-market strategy for Amped’s solar generators, to improve user adoption and decarbonize Nigeria’s grid.

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