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Making circularity a reality

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Nth Cycle’s mission

Nth Cycle is improving the sustainability and profitability of recovery processes for materials such as cobalt, nickel, and manganese. Its innovative electro-extraction technology breaks down cell phones, magnets, electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and other everyday goods into their component parts, which can be used to create new products.

Impact in action

A top view of Nth Cycle’s Oyster system — a long array of large metal, cylindrical holding tanks in an expansive, well-lit warehouse space with paneled, sheet-metal flooring.

Design & Make

Closing the loop on EV battery waste

Nth Cycle’s technology keeps valuable minerals from end-of-life EV batteries in circulation, producing 92% less carbon emissions than traditional mining and 44% less than current recycling methods.

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Four individuals wearing lab coats and protective eyewear working in the Nth Cycle lab. A man and woman are standing next to a large, clear tank with a dark liquid inside, wires and tubes extending from the unit. A woman in the foreground, wearing a blue lab coat, is walking to the right of the frame (slightly out of focus due to motion-blur). Another man is standing to the right of a series of large, white-translucent liquid containers next two blue metal support frames. The room is lit by bright white fluorescent lights.

Autodesk Foundation

Optimizing design development through digital prototyping

Nth Cycle developed simulations using Autodesk CFD to minimize the cost, time, and materials needed for design iterations of cell membranes for its OYSTER electro-extraction critical metals processor.


Image courtesy of Nth Cycle

A right blue-latex-gloved hand reaching in from the top-left corner of the frame, cradling a handful of cobalt (dark, soil-like material) above a larger pile of cobalt.

Fusion 360

Designing a domestic solution for precious metals recycling

Nth Cycle is using Fusion 360 to develop an innovative, sustainable, and scientific solution to recycling precious metals from end-of-life EV batteries, electronics, e-waste, industrial scrap, and more.


Image courtesy of Nth Cycle

Headshot of Megan O’Connor, Co-Founder & CEO, Nth Cycle, wearing glasses, smiling, with a white background, wearing a brown sweater.

Autodesk Foundation

“When I think about what being an innovator means, it’s seeing a problem and trying to think about it creatively.”

— Megan O’Connor, Co-Founder & CEO, Nth Cycle


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