Farmer-centric design for climate resilience

Image courtesy of Kheyti/Rishabh Malik

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Kheyti’s mission

Kheyti helps smallholder farmers battle climate change and earn a steady income in India. The severe, negative impact of climate change on the livelihoods of farmers in southern India is increasing. Kheyti’s "Greenhouse-in-a-Box” is a low-cost, modular greenhouse designed to make farming income more climate-resilient.

Image courtesy of Kheyti/Rishabh Malik

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Autodesk collaboration

Through its product innovation and farmer-centric business model, Kheyti is scaling the depth and breadth of their impact in southern India. Support from the Autodesk Foundation opens the door to a new stage of growth, expanding product expertise, launching new products, and securing additional funding.

Image courtesy of Kheyti/Rishabh Malik

  • Innovating low-cost solutions for farmers in India

    Through user-centric design, an Autodesk team worked with Kheyti to lower costs and installation times for its signature “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” product.

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    Image courtesy of Kheyti/Chris Paul

  • Skills based Volunteering

    Companies, nonprofits, and employees all win when they partner for skills-based volunteering, which brings expertise to those in need.

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    Image courtesy of Kheyti/Rishab Malik

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