Okra Solar

Hardware and software for last-mile energy access

Image courtesy of Okra Solar

Aerial view of four Okra Solar workers installing a large solar panel on a rusty corrugated metal roof. Two individuals standing on the ground and watching the installation.

Image courtesy of Okra Solar

Okra Solar’s mission

Okra Solar is an Australian startup that provides clean and reliable energy access to communities living off-grid. Okra Solar works with last-mile energy utilities to reach rural households with productive power through a smart, distributed mesh-grid system.

Impact in action

“You can install the networks in every single house, even if a house is a kilometer away from the rest of the houses, because it’s a modular system.”

— Afnan Hannan, CEO & Co-Founder, Okra Solar

Better World Excellence Award

Okra Solar received the Autodesk 2022 Design & Manufacturing Making a Better World Excellence Award for bringing electricity to remote communities in Haiti, Cambodia, Nigeria, and the Philippines with its cutting-edge technology and solar home kits.

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