Carbon-negative walls for green construction

Image courtesy of BamCore

Image courtesy of BamCore

BamCore’s mission

BamCore manufactures bamboo-based structural building components that speed construction and reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

Two BamCore workers wearing hoodies, work gloves, and construction belts tag-team lifting a BamCore bamboo wall panel into place at a construction site on a sunny day.

Image courtesy of BamCore

Building the frame for a low-carbon construction industry

Buildings and the construction process are responsible for 38% to 49% of all greenhouse gas emissions. BamCore builds prefab wall packages from timber bamboo, which are two to four times stronger than conventional frame walls, sequester six times as much carbon, and are up to 60% more thermally efficient.

BamCore uses Autodesk software to design its prefab walls and collaborates with Autodesk pro bono consultants to improve workflows and transform the market for low-carbon building systems in the construction industry.

Impact in action

An eye-level view of the interior of the BLDUS Grass House project, with MushLume pendant lamps on the left side of the room, and BamCore bamboo panel walls on the far and left-side walls. An iMac, a laptop, a short stack of books, and a notepad with a pen atop a long wooden desk along the left side of the photo; three empty wooden chairs are placed alongside the desk.


Reinventing traditional architecture

Using AutoCAD and Revit, BLDUS is reinventing residential architecture with sustainable materials such as mushroom lighting and BamCore’s bamboo framing system.

Image courtesy of Ty Cole, OTTO

Over-the-right-shoulder view of two hands holding a mobile phone, displaying renderings of BamCore wall panels on the screen. Background (blurred) — sunlit floor with part of an exposed BamCore wall at a construction site.

Design & Make

Decarbonizing AEC with timber bamboo

BamCore has developed a cloud-based jobsite app to connect construction teams with digital project models, streamlining the installation of its prefab wall system while also cutting costs.

Landscape view of a city skyline from the ground level, with two rows of long solar panels in the foreground, surrounded by trees. The sun is shining through a tree on the right, reflecting off of one of the rows of solar panels.

Design & Make

Building for better business

Sustainable construction practices aren’t just good for the planet—they’re also good for business.

Wide-angle view of the inside corner of a room under construction, with a large hole cut out for a door and no roof or ceiling, revealing sprawling trees in the background.

Design & Make

What is low-carbon development?

BamCore is transforming bamboo into wood-hybrid panels fabricated into wall sections for multi-family, single-family, and commercial buildings.

Image courtesy of BamCore

Eye-level view of a bamboo forest, with sunlight shining through the green leaves in the background.

Autodesk University

The future of climate-positive construction

Timber bamboo is a renewable, carbon-sinking, building material. With growing demands in the built world, it could be a construction game-changer.


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