The Families & Workers Fund

Supercharging the green infrastructure workforce

Image courtesy of Arlene Mejorado, The Families & Workers Fund

Families and workers from Better Builder (FWF grantee) in Austin, Texas — Two individuals standing side-by-side: Individual on the left is wearing glasses and a blue logo shirt with a nametag, looking into camera; individual on the right is wearing sunglasses and a tan brimmed hat, looking into the distance.

Image courtesy of Arlene Mejorado, The Families & Workers Fund

The Families & Workers Fund's mission

The Families and Workers Fund addresses the lack of a skilled green infrastructure workforce in the US by investing in organizations that scale training programs and career pathways to help more workers secure quality jobs. The Fund fosters large-scale collaboration to advance workforce planning, implementation, and innovation that create more equitable and sustainable opportunities for all.

Autodesk Foundation's investment in The Families & Workers Fund

“We are thrilled to be supported by the Autodesk Foundation. Autodesk’s deep expertise in technology and talent will help our partners and us to make clean energy and infrastructure careers more widely accessible and spur greater economic mobility and opportunity for all.”

— Rachel Korberg, Executive Director & Co-Founder, The Families & Workers Fund

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