The Families & Workers Fund

Supercharging the green infrastructure workforce

Image courtesy of Arlene Mejorado, The Families & Workers Fund

Families and workers from Better Builder (FWF grantee) in Austin, Texas — Two individuals standing side-by-side: Individual on the left is wearing glasses and a blue logo shirt with a nametag, looking into camera; individual on the right is wearing sunglasses and a tan brimmed hat, looking into the distance.

Image courtesy of Arlene Mejorado, The Families & Workers Fund

The Families & Workers Fund's mission

The Families and Workers Fund addresses the lack of a skilled green infrastructure workforce in the US by investing in organizations that scale training programs and career pathways to help more workers secure quality jobs. The Fund fosters large-scale collaboration to advance workforce planning, implementation, and innovation that create more equitable and sustainable opportunities for all.

Families, workers, and the definition of a good job

“This is a historic, special moment for economic growth and for a clean energy transition. And it is a ripe time to try some new talent strategies.”

— Rachel Korberg, Executive Director & Co-Founder, The Families & Workers Fund

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