Design and manufacturing for water, sanitation, and hygiene


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A Splash educator (woman) holds up two glasses of water in each hand—one filled with dirty/hazy water, one with clean/clear water—in front of a classroom full of schoolchildren looking along with interest.

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Splash’s mission

More than 90% of deaths from waterborne illnesses occur in children in urban areas with limited access to clean water and quality sanitation. Splash brings innovative, scalable WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) solutions and education to children in under-resourced urban environments. Today, Splash’s solutions serve more than 700,000 children across eight countries in Asia and Africa.

Meet Nardos Nigusse

“I think women have an interesting perspective to bring to the design of our work and it’s important to have more of those voices in the day-to-day work and in the design process.”

— Nardos Nigusse, Infrastructure Officer, Splash

Impact in action

Side view of three orange Splash hand-washing stations installed on an orange wall.

Autodesk Foundation

Scaling WASH solutions

Catalytic funding from the Autodesk Foundation helped Splash build a proof of concept for handwashing and drinking stations that can be produced at scale.


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A child's hands lathered with soap, rinsing under the spigot of an orange Splash hand-washing station.

Autodesk University

Making a Better World

Splash received the Design & Manufacturing Making a Better World Award at Autodesk University 2018.


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A water technician, smiling, reaching up to adjust a knob or gauge on a water filtration system.


Improving water, sanitation, and hygiene

Splash leverages local resources and thoughtful design to make water, sanitation, and hygiene accessible in low- and middle-income nations.


Image courtesy of Gavin Gough, Splash

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