Design and manufacturing for water, sanitation, and hygiene

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Splash’s mission

More than 90% of deaths from waterborne illnesses occur with children in poor urban areas that lack access to clean water and quality sanitation. Splash brings clean water, hygiene education, and improved sanitation (WASH) to children living in urban poverty.

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Autodesk collaboration

Splash and the Autodesk Foundation partnered to scale a design-forward, replicable WASH solution. They combined Splash’s expertise in handwashing and drinking stations with the Autodesk Foundation’s philanthropic funding, design, and engineering expertise.

From 2017 to 2021, Splash received funding to create and sell transformative stations for the WASH sector. Within one year, Splash was able to design and manufacture 3,600 plastic handwashing and drinking stations for schools and orphanages in Kolkata and Addis Ababa. This also established a social-enterprise model to scale distribution.

Splash in action

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    Improving water, sanitation, and hygiene

    Splash leverages local resources and thoughtful design to make water, sanitation, and hygiene accessible in low- and middle-income nations.

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    Autodesk University

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    Bringing clean water to over a million children is the goal of, Design & Manufacturing award winner at Autodesk University.

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    Autodesk Foundation

    Funding case study

    Catalytic funding from the Autodesk Foundation helped Splash build a proof of concept for handwashing and drinking stations that can be produced at scale.

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