Solving problems of poverty and building a world based on dignity

Image courtesy of Acumen

Image courtesy of Acumen

Acumen’s mission

Acumen invests in companies, leaders, and ideas that change the way the world tackles poverty. Through philanthropically backed venture investing, Acumen provides capital to entrepreneurs who build scalable solutions with significant potential for growth and viability. The Autodesk Foundation invests in Acumen’s $25 million Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative: Powering Livelihoods Using Solar (PEII+).

Impact in action

Sharing the responsibility of impact measurement and management

The Autodesk Foundation collaborated with Acumen to better understand job placement, wage gain, and training metrics mapped to reporting requirements for workforce development investees.

Powering livelihoods with clean energy

In 2022, Acumen launched its PEII+ initiative to support early-stage companies that provide renewable energy-powered appliances to microentrepreneurs and smallholder farmers in India and Africa, with the goal of boosting incomes and climate resilience in vulnerable communities.

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