Closing the loop with recycled carbon fiber

Image courtesy of Vartega

Vartega’s mission

Vartega produces high-quality, recycled carbon fiber (rCF) from valuable materials that would otherwise go to waste. Its rCF is 90-95% less energy-intensive and 50% less expensive than virgin carbon fiber. The company strives to enable the growth of an entirely circular economy by closing production loops across all material composites.

Vartega’s patented recycling hardware was designed and engineered using AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion 360. It creates strong, flexible, low-cost composite materials to supply key industries such as aerospace and automobile.

  • Embracing circularity in manufacturing

    Vartega employs a patented chemical-based process to rescue carbon fiber waste from an eternity in the landfill.

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    Image courtesy of Vartega

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