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Supercharging next-generation technologists

Image courtesy of Stacks+Joules

Two male students conducting an experiment with a light bulb and light meter in a darkened classroom. The student on the right is looking at a light meter with an expression of awe; the student on the left is holding a ruler, measuring the distance of the meter from the light bulb, smiling and looking at the other student.

Image courtesy of Stacks+Joules

Stacks+Joules’ mission

Stacks+Joules is a nonprofit workforce development organization, training overlooked populations for jobs in building automation. Participating students receive industry-recognized certifications and expert mentorship while also advising industry leaders on building optimizations such as energy-efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems and lighting controls.

Upskilling the workforce of tomorrow

Stacks+Joules is training tomorrow’s workforce for rewarding jobs in building automation—equipping them with the skills needed to reduce carbon emissions and improve efficiency throughout the built environment.

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