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Upcycling waste for good

Image courtesy of Safisana

Woman wearing a black Safisana baseball cap, black Safisana face covering, green safisana polo t-shirt, and latex gloves, standing next to a digital control unit at a Safisana recycling plant—looking down at a mobile device, held in her left hand, leaning with her right hand on the side of the control box.

Image courtesy of Safisana

Safisana’s mission

Safisana is a social enterprise committed to improving climate resilience and solving waste, sanitation, and energy-related issues in urban and peri-urban communities in Africa’s rapidly growing economies. Safisana’s closed-loop recycling plant design effectively treats organic and fecal waste and converts these waste streams into valuable outputs such as biogas, electricity, and organic fertilizer.

Autodesk Foundation’s investment in Safisana

Headshot of Safisana Managing Director & Founder Aart van den Beukel

“By working with the Autodesk Foundation, Safisana can replicate and scale its circular model to many more locations in low- and middle-income countries and ensure its sustainable socioeconomic and environmental impact on communities and the climate.”

— Aart van den Beukel, Managing Director & Founder, Safisana

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