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An electrified future, powered by worker diversity

Image courtesy of ChargerHelp!

CH! Co-founders Evette Ellis (left), Chief Workforce Officer, and Kameale Terry (right), CEO, standing side-by-side, leaning against an EV charging station on a sunny day, smiling, wearing black CH!-branded t-shirts and blue jeans.

CH! Co-Founders Evette Ellis (left), Chief Workforce Officer, and Kameale Terry (right), CEO. Image courtesy of ChargerHelp!.

ChargerHelp!’s mission

ChargerHelp! (CH!) is on a mission to increase the uptime of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to ensure mass EV adoption. Its app-based dispatch and deployment system solves the industrywide problem of downed EV charging stations by providing on-demand repairs and maintenance support from local, skilled workforces. Provided at scale, this capability is essential to expanding and enhancing EV charging infrastructure—significantly improving efficiency, turnaround time, and network availability while reducing costs.

“Trusting that a charging station will work and be fixed in a timely manner is essential to EV drivers and vital to the success and mass expansion of the industry. ChargerHelp! is overcoming the existing skills gap by recruiting quality, underutilized, reliable, high-performing professionals to meet the needs this growing industry demands.”

— Kameale Terry, Co-Founder & CEO, ChargerHelp!

Jumpstarting EV charging infrastructure

A man with slicked-back black hair, wearing a black face covering, hi-viz yellow vest, black t-shirt, and blue jeans—standing with his back to the camera in front of an EVgo-branded EV charging station on a sunny day. The man is using both hands to hold up a tablet-sized device, facing the EV charging station as though taking a picture of it.

ChargerHelp! is supporting both the green energy transition and workforce diversification—improving EV charging stations’ reliability and uptime while training underrepresented workers to become Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) technicians.

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