Prometheus Materials

Bringing carbon-negative concrete to life

Image courtesy of Prometheus Materials

Prometheus Materials employee with white lab coat and blue latex gloves pouring liquid into concrete mixer.

Image courtesy of Prometheus Materials

Prometheus Materials’ mission

Prometheus Materials delivers sustainable building materials that accelerate the world’s transition to a carbon-negative future. Inspired by biological processes found in nature, the company has developed a technology that uses naturally occurring microalgae to produce a bio-cement that offers an alternative to carbon-intensive portland cement.

Autodesk Foundation’s investment in Prometheus Materials

“Our technology is revolutionizing the concrete and cement industry and allows a more holistic approach to sustainability without compromising quality. Autodesk’s incredible, state-of-the-art resources and expertise will help us bring our bio-concrete blocks to market as we greatly reduce carbon in the built environment.”

– Loren Burnett, CEO and Co-Founder, Prometheus Materials

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