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Wavemaker Impact

Building climate tech ventures in Southeast Asia

Image courtesy of Agros

Group photo of Wavemaker Impact's founding partners and team—21 individuals smiling, wearing event lanyard badges around their necks, posing for the photo in a room with wood-paneled walls and wood floors.

Image courtesy of Wavemaker Impact

Wavemaker Impact’s mission

Wavemaker Impact (WMi) is the first VC-backed climate tech venture builder in Southeast Asia. The Wavemaker Impact team co-founds sustainability startups with proven entrepreneurs, with the goal of reducing 10% of the global carbon budget by 2035. Every company that Wavemaker Impact builds is a ‘100x100’ company—a startup with the potential to abate 100 million metric tons of carbon and generate $100 million in recurring revenue. The founding team has previously built over 15 companies from scratch, including unicorns and an IPO, and invested more than $300 million in Asian tech companies, including 35 green-tech startups.

Autodesk Foundation’s investment in Wavemaker Impact

“We are grateful and excited for our collaboration with the Autodesk Foundation, which will bring support and technical expertise to Wavemaker Impact’s mission to abate 10% of the global carbon budget through building high-impact 100x100 ventures.”

– Marie Cheong, Founding Partner, Wavemaker Impact

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