Bridges to Prosperity

Building pathways to resilience

Image courtesy of Envision Rwanda, Bridges to Prosperity

Three construction workers wearing hi-viz yellow and orange vests and hard hats look out on a B2P bridge under construction, with a four-story scaffolding supported by guy-lines. Green grassy hills and colorful bridge materials in the distance.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity’s mission

More than 250 million people lack safe access to healthcare, education, and employment due to an impassable river. Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) partners with local governments, global stakeholders, and communities to construct trailbridges to connect people with the resources they need.

Headshot of Etienne Mutebutsi, Bridges to Prosperity's Needs Assessment Program Manager

“The suspended trailbridge in Marenge helps the community to have access all year round. The community won’t have to struggle to maintain the bridge every year or every rainy season. Now they can actually cross safely on a daily basis.”

— Etienne Mutebutsi, Needs Assessment Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa, Bridges to Prosperity

Impact in action

Bridges to Prosperity uses AutoCAD to design cost-efficient, long-lasting footbridges that connect residents to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. To date, B2P has built 500+ bridges that serve more than 1 million people globally.

Expanding virtual site visits

Bridges to Prosperity has collaborated with Autodesk pro bono consultants to expand remote technical assessments and virtual site visits, strengthening B2P’s ability to connect with stakeholders, from donors to volunteers, to scale bridge builds.

Scaling impact in corporate philanthropy

Since joining the Autodesk Foundation’s Health & Resilience portfolio in 2020, Bridges to Prosperity has utilized the full spectrum of in-kind support, including Autodesk software, technical training, and pro bono consultants to advance its mission.

Headshot of Nivi Sharma, Bridges to Prosperity CEO

“Nearly 1 billion people around the world lack basic access to transportation infrastructure that takes them to markets, to workplaces, to schools, to clinics—and we want to solve that in our lifetimes.”

— Nivi Sharma, CEO, Bridges to Prosperity

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