Bridges to Prosperity

Building pathways to resilience

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A group of excited children cross a trail bridge wearing blue sweaters in Rwanda

Bridges to Prosperity’s mission

More than 250 million people lack safe access to healthcare, education, and employment due to an impassable river. Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) partners with local governments, global stakeholders, and communities to construct trailbridges to connect people with the resources they need.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

A group of women cross a trail bridge in Rwanda

Better infrastructure increases income

A study of B2P partner communities showed that people living within proximity of B2P trailbridges increase their household income by between 20 and 30% and invest in their farms or microenterprises 60% more than residents in control group communities.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

Collaborating with Autodesk

Bridges to Prosperity uses Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, to design cost-efficient, long-lasting bridges. To date, B2P has built 350+ bridges that serve 1 million+ people. In-country B2P engineers learned how to optimize AutoCAD for bridge design.

Bridges to Prosperity has collaborated with teams of Autodesk pro bono consultants to expand its virtual site visit program during COVID-19, as well as the remote technical assessment program. This has strengthened their ability to connect with stakeholders from donors to volunteers to scale bridge builds.

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