Build Change

Designing homes to withstand disasters

Image courtesy of Build Change

Two Build Change employees wearing white hard hats and black jackets with Build Change logos and reflective strips stand with their backs to the camera, standing facing and examining the corner of a brick dwelling.

Image courtesy of Build Change

Build Change’s mission

Build Change prevents the loss of life and housing caused by disasters. Build Change retrofits existing homes and construct new, disaster-resistant homes in partnership with builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials.

Building a Better World: Automation, innovation, and intentional design

“Better housing means healthier communities and happier people. Together, we can change lives—immediately and forever.”

— Elizabeth Hausler, CEO, Build Change

Impact in action

Aerial view of area with densely populated buildings in Bogotá, Colombia, on a cloudy day. Mountains in the background on the right side of the frame.


Earthquake-prone city in the clouds

Build Change retrofits homes in Bogotá, Colombia, using an innovative, cloud-based tool that allows the organization to ensure structural safety.

Image courtesy of Build Change

A woman wearing a white head covering bending forward toward the camera, using a masonry trowel to spread wet concrete over another layer of brick on a short brick wall, under construction at a Build Change construction site. Three male individuals, one wearing a Build Change long-sleeve t-shirt, stand in the background.

Autodesk Foundation

Scaling safe housing with Autodesk technology

Build Change is harnessing the power of Autodesk software to retrofit and strengthen homes in Bogotá, the earthquake-prone capital of Colombia with 8 million inhabitants.

Image courtesy of Build Change

A Build Change employee standing in a classroom with a black face covering, gesturing with both her hands while providing guidance to students. Foreground: a woman student wearing a red face covering a floral shirt sitting at a computer desk. Another male student sitting to the right of the instructor, wearing a light blue face covering.

Autodesk University

Using BIM to retrofit informal housing

Build Change engineers use Autodesk tools to automate designs for retrofitting informal housing at scale.

Image courtesy of Build Change

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