Build Change

Designing homes that can withstand disasters

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View of a neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia

Build Change’s mission

Build Change prevents the loss of life and housing caused by disasters. They retrofit existing homes and construct new, disaster-resistant homes in partnership with builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials.

Image courtesy of Build Change

Collaborating with Autodesk

Build Change has increased its impact with the support of Autodesk funding, talent, and technology since 2014. In addition, Autodesk’s technology allowed Build Change to drastically reduce the length of the design process. For example, Dynamo and Revit helped reduce the time needed to generate and check 3D models from one week to half a day.

In 2017, Build Change hosted Autodesk-funded interns in their Colombia office to turn 2D models into 3D models. This enabled the engineering team to perform seismic retrofits of existing informal houses. Build Change has used this process to implement a pilot project aiming to improve and strengthen 1,250 homes as a first step in scaling up resilient housing efforts in the city.

Build Change in action

  • Aerial view of homes in Bogotá, Colombia


    Earthquake-prone city in the clouds

    Build Change retrofits homes in Bogotá, Colombia, using an innovative, cloud-based tool that allows the organization to ensure structural safety.

    Image courtesy of Build Change

  • A woman in a hijab lays bricks

    Autodesk Foundation

    Autodesk technology helps retrofit homes

    Build Change is harnessing the power of Autodesk software to retrofit and strengthen homes in Bogota, the earthquake-prone capital of Colombia with 8 million inhabitants.

    Image courtesy of Build Change

  • A man giving a presentation

    Autodesk University

    Using BIM to retrofit informal housing

    Build Change engineers use Autodesk tools to automate designs for retrofitting informal housing at scale.

    Image courtesy of Build Change

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