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Centering design on climate and dignity to meet economic prosperity

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Aerial view of brick roof construction with workers on rooftops

BuildX Studio’s mission

Based in Kenya, BuildX Studio designs and builds spaces that promote dignity, health, and environmental comfort, boosting its local economy through prioritizing employment opportunities for women and youth, and sourcing local materials to keep its carbon emissions low.

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Building a better tomorrow

Rapid population growth, urbanization, and skill gaps in the construction industry in East Africa are placing a huge strain on the environment and poses a major threat to the health of people and the planet.

A certified B-Corp, BuildX Studio believes in centering design on climate and human dignity to create towns and cities that are healthy today and for future generations. Through design and construction projects in education, housing, health care, and more, BuildX engages a vast number of unemployed youths, especially women, to create new jobs addressing the skill gaps in service of a better world.

Autodesk engagement

BuildX Studio uses Autodesk software in the design and build phases of its solutions that prioritize environmental performance, functionality, and local resources.

Impact in action

  • Solar panels and wind turbines at sunset


    BuildX Studio for net-zero carbon

    When BuildX constructed the Sachibondu Rural Health Centre in Zambia, it sourced more than 80% of building materials locally.

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    Building climate resilience in a post-COVID world

    East Africa's booming urban centers offer a chance for innovative firms to lead the way toward cleaner construction around the world.

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  • Outside view of a white and brown building

    Engineering Matters

    Building podcast: Building with biomaterials

    BuildX Studio is working with modern methods of construction to produce housing at scale, and at a price that will provide homes for thousands in Kenya.

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  • Zima Homes

    BuildX Studio is developing Zima Homes, a sustainable and affordable housing development that will help the region grow responsibly and equitably.

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