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Building healthy, prosperous communities and cities

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Two pairs of hands, outstretched into the camera's view, with a backdrop of dirt. The two hands on the left are holding what appear to be freshly harvested green beans; the hands on the right, wearing bright blue rubber gloves, are holding a small pile of compost soil.

Image courtesy of The Sanergy Collaborative

The Sanergy Collaborative’s mission

The Sanergy Collaborative (Sanergy) strives to solve the sanitation crisis through the power of the circular economy. Sanergy harnesses independent companies united by a common vision across the sanitation value chain into one circular movement—delivering safe, equitable, and sustainable sanitation in low-income areas, converting waste into regenerative agricultural and energy products, and advising public and private sector entities to develop sanitation solutions at scale.

Group photo of 18 Fresh Life employees, most of whom are wearing blue Fresh Life-branded shirts or jumpsuits, standing in front of a large blue building.

Image courtesy of Fresh Life

Fresh Life’s mission

Fresh Life, a founding partner of Sanergy, works with municipalities and urban residents to develop and scale safe, inclusive, and financially sustainable sanitation solutions in fast-growing cities. Through its network of more than 6,000 toilets in Nairobi, Kisumu, and Eldoret, Kenya, Fresh Life serves 200,000 urban residents daily.

Headshot of Lindsay Stradley, Fresh Life Executive Director

“The Autodesk Foundation has provided us with software, talent, and capital to help us realize our mission of serving hundreds of thousands of people with safe sanitation in urban informal settlements.”

— Lindsay Stradley, Co-Founder, The Sanergy Collaborative; Executive Director, Fresh Life

Impact in action

Recycling facility construction and design

Sanergy used BIM 360 to design, construct, and commission a 50,000-square-meter recycling facility in Nairobi, Kenya. More than 300 people collaborated using BIM 360 to make the project a reality.

Digital Builder: 40 Under 40

Matthieu Desvignes, Sanergy’s project execution lead, empowered his colleagues to embrace innovation by championing, training, and upskilling users on sanitation and waste management in construction.

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