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Men in orange jumpsuits pack bags of organic soil in Kenya

Sanergy’s mission

Sanergy offers an affordable and effective alternative to sewers through its Fresh Life Toilet (FLT) network in Nairobi, Kenya. Sanergy’s 3,500+ toilets serve 120,000+ residents per day. Sanergy also offers daily waste collection, and operational support services to network members to generate local demand.

Image courtesy of Sanergy

Woman in a black shirt poses with a watermelon in a field in Kenya

Autodesk and Sanergy collaboration

Autodesk software and employee expertise have helped Sanergy expand its network of Fresh Life Toilets, increase per-toilet usages, and develop new products and service delivery models to reach more customers and deepen the impact.

Image courtesy of Sanergy

Sanergy in action

An aerial view of Sanergy’s recycling facility in Nairobi, Kenya

Recycling facility construction and design

Sanergy used BIM 360 to design, construct, and commission a 50,000 square meter recycling facility in Nairobi, Kenya. More than 300 people collaborated using BIM 360 to make this project a reality.

Image courtesy of Sanergy

Two pair of hands, one with fresh green beans, other with soil

Digital Builder: 40 Under 40

Matthieu Desvignes is a Project Execution Lead at Sanergy, an insightful and promising organization in Kenya providing sanitation and waste management solutions for these booming cities.

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