Sangam Ventures

Cleantech investments in India

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Sangam Venture’s mission

Sangam Ventures (SV) is an Indian, early-stage venture that runs accelerator programs, makes opportunistic investments, and establishes an evergreen, cleantech fund.

SV fills the gap between high levels of entrepreneurial activity and the urgency of climate change solutions in India. It seeks to mitigate climate change by providing early-stage capital and technical assistance to startups that help consumers and producers make more sustainable choices. The current portfolio is a diverse group that addresses e-mobility, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, and agriculture productivity.

The Autodesk Foundation’s grant supports the fund’s development which, in turn, nurtures the potential for ecosystem impact and investing in India.

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Autodesk collaboration

A pro bono team of Autodesk employees helped Sangam Ventures, an emerging climate venture fund, reboot its marketing strategy. In doing so, they hope to draw new investors for community-centered solutions in India.

Image courtesy of Sangam Ventures

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