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We support entrepreneurs and innovators to bring transformative technologies to scale.

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Technology for good

Technology can be a powerful force for good. We connect our portfolio of nonprofits and startups with training and technology adoption services to help them scale their solutions faster.

We also refer nonprofits and startups to Autodesk's Technology Impact Program, a corporate software donation program for nonprofits and startups using design for environmental or social good.

  • $41.3 million+

    In fiscal year 2022, Autodesk donated $41.3 million+ in software licenses to more than 2,600 organizations worldwide through its Technology Impact Program.

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Technology training partners

We partner with leading organizations to offer training and technology adoption services for our portfolio.

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    KETIV provides training, consulting, and support services to empower the future of manufacturing. 

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    Microdesk delivers innovative solutions to the challenges of implementing and using design, construction, and geospatial technology.

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    Symetri offers technology solutions and services for the construction industry, driving innovation at every stage of the life cycle.

How our technology helps

Learn how some of the organizations in our portfolio are using technology for good.

Smallholder farmer stands in greenhouse

Low-cost greenhouses

Khetyi uses Fusion 360 to design affordable greenhouses for smallholder farmers in India.

“The Autodesk Foundation played a key role in augmenting the expansion of Kheyti's in-house engineering capabilities, allowing us to continue providing services to farmers while in the midst of the pandemic. The Fusion 360 training from KETIV equipped our global team of engineers to collaborate on designing, prototyping, and testing improvements and additional features to our low-cost greenhouse.” –Ash Seth, Design Consultant, Kheyti

Image courtesy of Khetyi

Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel made with Vartega recycled carbon fiber

Recycling carbon fiber

Vartega uses AutoCAD, Inventor, and Fusion 360 for the design and engineering of its patented carbon fiber recycling hardware as well as, developing new applications using recycled carbon fiber.

"With Autodesk technology, Vartega has been able to accelerate the development and commercialization of our recycling technology while also enabling the use of our materials in partner applications ranging from injection-molding bicycle parts to 3D printed airplane ducts. Vartega's biggest impact will be realized as designers utilize Autodesk technology to optimize part designs to make electric vehicles safer, lighter, and more efficient." –Andrew Maxey, Founder & CEO, Vartega

Image courtesy of Steelhead Composites

Two builders inspect their work of a concrete wall frame

Transforming healthcare infrastructure

Build Health International uses the AEC Collection to design energy-efficient healthcare infrastructure in underserved communities. 

"With a heavy reliance on the AEC Collection, the Saint Rock Hospital project demonstrates how healthcare infrastructure transformation can become a reality under even highly challenging logistical, geographic, and budgetary conditions." —Allison Denisky, Sr. Architectural Designer, Build Health International

Image courtesy of Build Health International

Three engineers inspect a trail bridge

Technology Impact Program

Through the Technology Impact Program, Autodesk donates software to nonprofits and startups using design for environmental or social good. Eligible organizations receive Autodesk software and technology that enables 3D design, engineering, visualization, and simulation to deliver greater impact. Autodesk donates software so entrepreneurs and innovators can scale their impact solutions faster.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

Impact in action

  • Engineers inspect a home in Colombia


    Scaling safe housing

    Autodesk software solutions are equipping Build Change to retrofit 650,000+ homes in Bogotá, Colombia to be earthquake-resistant.

    Image courtesy of Build Change

  • Rendering of Saint Rock Hospital


    Designing a better world

    Technology training services helped Build Health International design and build an energy-efficient 13,600-square-foot hospital in rural Haiti.

    Image courtesy of Build Health International

  • Rendering of electric motorbike


    Designing solutions in emerging markets

    Factor[e] is using industrial design to scale de-carbonized solutions for emerging and frontier markets.

    Image courtesy of Factor[e]

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