Technology to scale solutions

We equip entrepreneurs and innovators with Autodesk software donations and technical training to bring industry-transforming innovation to scale.

Woman working at a laptop in a computer lab. Another woman and man working at separate computers in the background.

Image courtesy of Education Design Lab

Innovating for a better world

Technology can be a powerful force for good. We connect our portfolio of nonprofits and startups with training and technology adoption services to help them scale solutions faster. We also refer nonprofits and startups to Autodesk’s Technology Impact Program, a corporate software donation program for nonprofits and startups using design for environmental or social good.

Technology training partners

We partner with leading organizations to offer training and technology adoption services and support for our portfolio.

Eagle Point Software

Eagle Point Software is the creator of Pinnacle Series, an AEC and manufacturing e-learning solution that drives productivity and efficiency.


IMAGINiT Technologies

IMAGINiT helps businesses gain competitive advantages through technology, software development, professional services, training, and support.


KETIV provides training, consulting, and support services to empower the future of manufacturing. 


Symetri empowers organizations to work smarter for a better future, ensuring access to expertise and technology to improve performance and sustainability.

Creating impact with Autodesk software

Side view of Coral Maker unit of seed coral inside metal frame.

Technology Impact Program

In fiscal year 2024, Autodesk donated $42 million in software licenses to 3,200+ organizations worldwide through the Technology Impact Program, through which Autodesk donates software to nonprofits and startups using design for environmental or social good.

Impact in action

Side view of Nth Cycle "OYSTER" electro-extraction machine. The machine is highlighter orange with a prominent "Nth Cycle" logo, located in a large warehouse space.

Nth Cycle

Developing a solution for precious metals recycling

Nth Cycle is developing an innovative, sustainable solution to recycling precious metals from end-of-life EV batteries, electronics, e-waste, industrial scrap, and more.

Image courtesy of Nth Cycle

Left-side view of three individuals—two women and one man—sitting a desk looking at a document on a large computer monitor together. The man, closest to the camera, is wearing an orange hardhat and bright yellow shirt. The woman in the middle is wearing a high-viz yellow vest, pointing at an item on the screen, with eyebrows raised; the woman to her right is wearing a red beanie, resting her elbows on the desk.

Build Health International

Sustainably built healthcare infrastructure

Build Health International harnessed the power of Autodesk software to reduce costs, streamline coordination, and incorporate sustainable design for two major projects in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Image courtesy of Build Health International

Aerial side-view of a Bridges to Prosperity trail bridge spanning left to right between two mountain sides on a sunny day. Three individuals are walking along the bridge, toward the left side of the bridge in the image. Surrounding terrain is rocky and steep with tall trees growing through the rocks into the distance.

Bridges to Prosperity

Boosting economic activity for communities in Rwanda

With AutoCAD, Bridges to Prosperity designs cost-efficient, long-lasting trail bridges that connect residents to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

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