Expertise to advance innovation

Autodesk employees work alongside the portfolio, applying their expertise in service of scaling impact innovations.

Man standing behind woman over her left shoulder, both looking  assists older at a laptop during a training session. Two children sit on either side of the woman as she points to the laptop screen. All individuals are wearing masks.

Making a better world with pro bono consulting

An active network of hundreds of Autodesk employees contributes unique skill sets ranging from design to marketing to imagine, design, and make a better world alongside nonprofits and startups. Autodesk employees volunteer directly with the portfolio on one-on-one pro bono consulting, team pro bono consulting projects, and immersive pro bono consulting.

24,400 employee volunteer hours

In fiscal year 2024, Autodesk employees contributed 24,400 volunteer hours, including 1,840 Pro Bono Consulting volunteer hours.

Pro Bono Consulting

A man and a woman sitting at a table looking at blue 3D-printed objects while consulting Autodesk software on a tablet.

1:1 consulting

Autodesk employees provide one-on-one pro bono consulting with Autodesk Foundation portfolio organizations.

A group of five colleagues sitting in a workspace at separate chairs and couches looking at a large flat-screen TV with a snowy mountain and snowmobile displayed on the screen.

Team projects

Teams of three to five Autodesk employees volunteer their skills for one to three hours of pro bono consulting per week over 12 weeks.

A group of construction workers wearing high-viz yellow vests sit at a horseshoe-shaped table arrangement in a brightly lit room, looking at a flatscreen TV displaying a black-and-white floor plan.


Teams of five to 10 Autodesk employees volunteer their professional skills on-site for two weeks.

Impact in action

Close-up view of water droplet dripping from an irrigation hose in Kheyti greenhouse.


Low-cost farming solutions

Autodesk engineers, designers, and training partners worked with Indian startup Kheyti to lower costs and installation times for its signature “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” product, laying a strong foundation to deliver the solution at scale.

Image courtesy of Kheyti

Ground view looking up at a construction worker standing on a Bridges to Prosperity bridge on a sunny day.

Bridges to Prosperity

Expanding virtual site visits

Autodesk employees helped Bridges to Prosperity bring its site visit program online during the COVID-19 pandemic, creating new avenues to engage partners in connecting rural communities with trailbridges.

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

Vartega group


Building an employer brand

Vartega, a Colorado-based startup closing the loop on carbon fiber waste, partnered with Autodesk pro bono marketing consultants to develop an effective employer brand strategy to attract the right talent to support its growth and accelerate its impact.

Image courtesy of Vartega

Ways to engage

Nonprofits and startups

If your impact organization is interested in volunteer and or pro bono support from Autodesk employees, you can register your organization via the resources below.

Autodesk employees

Employees interested in pro bono consulting, volunteering, and or charitable giving can visit the employee impact hub or visit the links below to get started.

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