Expertise to advance innovation

Autodesk employees work alongside the portfolio, applying their expertise in service of scaling emerging innovations.

Video: Senior volunteers working with youth

Unique skills for a better world

An active network of hundreds of Autodesk employees contributes their unique skillsets to help imagine, design and make a better world. Autodesk employees work directly with the portfolio on 1-on-1 pro bono consulting, team pro bono projects, and immersive pro bono consulting.

  • 23,100 hours+

    During fiscal year 2022, employees contributed 23,100 volunteer hours, including 5,400 pro bono consulting volunteer hours.

    Image courtesy of Jess Rinaldi/Build Health International

Pro bono consulting

  • Two colleagues reviewing a document together 

    1-on-1 pro bono consulting

    Individuals provide online hour-long consulting engagements.

  • Three colleagues in discussion while using a laptop

    Pro bono team projects 

    Teams of three to five employees volunteer their skills for one to three hours a week over 12 weeks.

  • Five colleagues in discussion while using a computer

    Pro bono immersion

    Teams of five to ten employees volunteer professional skills onsite for two weeks with a portfolio organization.

People crossing a trailbridge a river

Expanding virtual site visits

"We simply can't fulfill the global need for safe access on our own, but there's nothing like experiencing the joy of a new bridge in-person to recruit new advocates to the cause. Autodesk's pro-bono team helped us think about ways to draw people into that experience, even from a desk thousands of miles away from rural Rwanda.”

—Nivi Sharma, CEO, Bridges to Prosperity

Image courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

Two people in a laboratory analyzing data on a laptop

Fresh perspectives with data visualization

“The visuals that the pro bono team developed gave us a fresh perspective on how to make our data more actionable and impactful."

—Amy Fowler, Director of Vaccine Programs, Nexleaf Analytics

Image courtesy of Nexleaf Analytics

Impact in action

  • Green bamboo forest


    BamCore is leaning into comprehensive support from the Autodesk Foundation, accessing Autodesk design and engineering expertise to achieve their climate-positive vision.

  • Man and child post with a SolarBuddy light


    Autodesk facilitated software donations, volunteer efforts, and technical expertise enabling SolarBuddy to scale solar lighting solutions worldwide, while creating awareness around energy poverty.

    Image courtesy of SolarBuddy

  • Kheyti greenhouse in a field in India


    A team of Autodesk pro bono consultants worked with Indian start-up Kheyti to lower costs and installation times for its signature “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” product.

    Image courtesy of Kheyti

Connect with us

Autodesk employees 

Employees interested in pro bono consulting, volunteering, and or charitable giving can visit the employee impact hub or visit the links below to get started.

Nonprofits and startups

If your impact organization is interested in volunteer and or pro bono support from Autodesk employees, you can register your organization via the resources below.

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